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    why my motion tracking didnt pin in one point?

    arvyt62488061 Level 1

      Hello guys i want ask question,




      I follow some tutorial videos, the owner is using AE CC and i using CS6 (is that the problem in this tracking?)
      same as tuttorial i try put text like pic 1, in tutoral video the text should pinned there whenever i move timeline

      the position key value number still same in pic1 & pic2 whenever i move camera, same in the tutsvid i see, his position key value still same whenever he move timeline

      but my problem is, if i try moving timeline(the camera moving side), the text postion move too like pic 2, even the position key value still same.


      whats the problem here?since the position key value still in same position, i thought thats mean the text still there...not moving
      is that becos i pick the wrong track X or what? i try repeat the tutorial vid, in case i miss something
      but i didnt find it, becos i didnt miss a single step i think...




      this is that should be look



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Frankly it seems to me you do not understand the basics of how AE's 3D space and 3D layers work plus of course you still will need to do proper masking on the text to create the illusion as if it is behind the mug...



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            arvyt62488061 Level 1

            yeah i know the masking, i still not apply that illusion since i stuck on that failed tracking part.
            to be frank yeah.. i dont understand the basic tacking 3d, that why try to learn from that lesson
            im fail at 2other tracking tutorial,that 2 more complex, this one almost give me hope to learn, since the footage more simple and use only text as practice, but yeah i fail again
            im sure listen carefully and do all things he do, but dontknow in somewhere i lost, even i replay and replay, i still dont find where the step i missed


            well like on pic, his last E from Example still inside mug area if he move the timeline., so if we cant see mug, we cant see the text too

            but mine as far timeline moving the hello word moving too not pinned on mug area.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              I'm still not clear what you are trying to achieve. Your Hello text will never be perfectly on the mug. AE does not have any way of pinning such stuff to geometry in actual filmed footage. You would have to re-create it as a 3D item in a suitable program or use complex distortion effects to create the illusion. Otherwise everything in your screenshots looks normal within what the 3D tracker does and how it works. Not meaning to be rude, but again: It simply seems you do not understand that part and expect something completely different.



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                arvyt62488061 Level 1

                thanks for your reply , no problem its my fault since i still dont understand haha,
                and sorry if the SS not given much info


                well yeah as you said, my achieve is to pinning that "Hello !!" text in place looks like 1st pic, in pic 2, if i move the timeline the hello "!!" text move too
                but in comparison, on 3rd&4th pic, my result 2nd pic should be like 4th pic, or i should see "!!" in that frame like only "E" on 4th pic, EXAMPL word already out of the screen. but my Hello !! always moving too, the succes result should be Hello word must already out from the screen too on 2nd pic frame.


                i can understand if we should using "position keyframe" to drag that text outside the screen like in 2D , but on tutorial he even still not using any keyframe
                so my 2nd pic should be look like 4th pic as result


                sorry if my explanation make u confuse , its hard to me to explain since i dont really understand this technique too and only try learn that from video.
                maybe i'll post some capture video when i home, so its can give more detail

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  There's a difference between motion tracking and camera tracking. Which one are you trying to do? You have given no details about your workflow and screenshots that only show the rendered output are generally pretty useless when you are trying to diagnose problems. You should at least slow us the modified properties of your layers. You can do this by pressing the U key twice.


                  The workflow for Camera Tracking is to select the layer with the video that you are going to Camera Track and then select Track Camera from the options in the Motion Tracking Panel. When successful you should see a bunch of tracking markers that are aligned with various planes in your shot. I'm not sure that your example shot will generate more than a few markers on the cup and a few more on the Doll and the background. You should then first establish an origin an ground plane and then add a reference solid, text layer or null to the scene. This solid will be stuck to the geometry in the scene. If it is not stuck in place then you have not chosen your tracking markers correctly or the camera track solution is not accurate. Once you have the scene tracked and your reference layers in place you can add other elements to the scene and position them anywhere in the 3D space and they should stick in place. If you want your Example text to be between the cup and the doll then you would add a reference object to the doll and the cup then add the text layer and position it right on top of one of your reference layers. Then you would look at one of the other views like Top or Custim and move your Example text layer between the cup reference and the doll reference. You then go back to the Active Camera view and make sure the movement is what you want. The last step would be to do some rotoscoping to create a matte that hides the text layer when the cup passes in front of it.


                  If you are doing motion tracking then you find an area in the scene that you want to follow, then you track that area, then you apply the tracking information to the thing you want to stick to the tracked area. You do not use 3D layers because Motion Tracking only tracks in 2D.


                  Please let us know what you are winging to do and what your workflow is. Meanwhile, here is a very shot and quick example showing how you can attach text to a wall and then use another 3D layer as a track matte to do the masking automatically. Sorry, there is no audio. I threw it together a long time ago to try and help someone understand tracking and masking using AE's camera Tracker: