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    After effects wanted for student film


      I need some one who can create gas coming out of a domestic gas fire appliance, cooker and domestic boiler, as a mean nasty green/yellow insidious, hissing, murderous, thing that will kill your loved ones and their babies in your home, without compulsion, because this is what it does. If possible, parts of it sometimes morph into a face. This would suite a talented student/grad looking for something ace in their showreel.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What sort of deadline are you under?

          As this is a student film, are they teaching you how to budget and pay for work? If so, how much are you offering to the visual effects person you're outsourcing to? (Seriously, this would be a decent thing to teach since nearly every film outsources some VFX work.)

          How many shots are you needing with this smoke?

          Have you already shot the footage or are you looking for some pre-production advice?