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    Entire Workspace Flickering After Update




      I recently installed the latest update to InDesign CC 2015 that was released in February 2016. Ever since the update the program is completely unusable.


      A few seconds after the program finishes loading, the entire workspace begins to flicker. My pasteboard flickers between dark grey and white and my cursor flickers between white and yellow. Whenever I try to access a menu it almost immediately vanishes; for example, I click on Edit and the drop-down menu appears, but then the workspace flickers and it disappears again.


      This happens whether I have a file open or not.


      I'm running InDesign CC 2015 with the most recent update. I'm on Windows 10 using a Core i5 with 4 GB RAM. I haven't had this problem under other versions of InDesign.


      So far I've tried all of the following but with no results:


      Delete InDesign preferences.

      Uninstall -> Reboot -> Reinstall.

      Run InDesign in Windows 7 Compatibility Mode.

      Run InDesign as Administrator.

      Update graphics drivers -> reboot -> relaunch InDesign.


      Does anyone have any clue what could have caused this and how I can fix it?