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    Copy project from one HD to another in PE13


      Hi guys, I have a project on one drive of my PC (J drive) which I should have put on a much faster drive (K). However I can find no way of copying files from one drive to another. I have tried just copying all the files but then when I open up the project it goes to the original drive (J) to pick up all the video files -so that not I want. Then I tried the "copy" function and the save function but no joy. I want to copy all the video and the other files in such a way that when I open the project it goes to the new drive for everything. I also tried copying the files and renaming the original directory - I was expecting PE13 to ask me where its files were but it just hung.

      It must be easy, and to me it seams a reasonable sort of thing to want to do, but I am stumped.


      Andy N