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    after effects crashes on macbook startup window


      hello friends


      i am trying to start after effects cc2014 and as soon as it opens  it shows  a warning ray tracing on the gpu ........u know the whole msg !

      and when i click it crashes !!



      i have a macbook 13 inch

      intel hd 4000

      mountain lion 10.8.5

      10gb ram

      ssd 500 gb evo samsung


      things iv  tried


      1) updated from 13 to 13.2

      2)deleted using cc cleaner by adobe

      3) reinstalled many times

      4) read/write preference in user/username /lib/preference adobe

      5)also deleated it but it comes back again


      i mite be forgetting a a few more things i had done


      one thing i am thinking is that since earlier i had lion 10.7.2 and i a had  AE cs6  which used to work but now i use 10.8.5 and  AE cc 2014 or Ae cs6 both dont work !!

      could this update effect ?


      as i said i had already deleted and re installed Ae !