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    Cam problem: turns off for a second, then back to normal for a while, repeatedly.


      Hey there,


      I've just started out playing with Character Animator. Great fun, and great program.


      I do, however, have a rather big problem using the program:


      In the beginning, my cam was simply too slow. In lack of any webcam program (asus + windows10 = issues...), I turned of 'Low Light Compensation' in skype, which really smoothed out the image capture in Character Animator.


      But, while the capture is smooth, it sometimes turn completely off for a second or two, only to return back to normal. To give an example, say I'm trying to capture

      20-30 seconds worth of head movement for a character. The first 10 seconds will be completely fine, then the cam (in the top right corner of the program) turns off for a second (image disappears), capturing nothing, then turns back on and continues to capture fine. This short on/off will happen around three times in a 20-30 second capture, but the frequency is rather random. The off duration ranges from 1 to 4 seconds or so. As a result, I either have a laggy capture (as there are a few seconds spread randomly through out where nothing was captured), or I have to capture several takes and hope for one without the on/off glitching.


      Sometimes I can capture a minute with no problems, other times I can't get past 5 seconds without the problem occurring.


      It doesn't seem to matter if I'm recording or not, the cam will have it's mini-blackouts at random intervals. I've also tried 'stressing' the capture, moving my head quickly and so forth, but this doesn't seem to be it either.


      I've tested my cam in other programs, online tests, etc. But the momentary blackouts seems to be only in Character Animator.

      In regards to CPU and memory usage, the program uses about 15-30% of my CPU, and 50% of the memory. Which should be fine, I assume, though I'm not particularly knowledgeable about these aspects.


      Anyone else experiencing this brief, but continuous, on/off cam problem? Or do someone have an idea as to how one might go about fixing it?


      PS: Edit > Preferences shows only 'Audio Hardware'