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    Lightroom 5.7 No Photos Showing for Import


      I am having difficulties importing photos.  It was all OK but since yesterday, when I select a valid source (SD Card, folder on laptop), I see the 'wait' circle symbol as if Lightroom is checking the folder contents, but nothing shows.  I've tried creating a new catalog (in case there is a limit on # photos) but that didn't help.  I am considering uninstalling / reinstalling again, although don't want to lose the licence info.  Any ideas please?  Lightroom 5.7, Windows 10, Dell N5110, INTEL I3-2310M processor.    

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          dj_paige Level 9

          Uninstalling/reinstalling doesn't cause you to lose the license info (whatever that means).


          Try this: remove videos from the SD card or folder, and see if the import happens.


          Also make sure the Destination section on the right hand side of the Import dialog box is present and expanded.

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            burgesstribe Level 1

            dj_paige, thanks for the reply.  I didn't have videos in the folder and, as now trying to import from an existing folder (so only Adding, not Copying/Moving) I didn't need to specify a Destination as such... However, with an external device plugged in & without selecting source as C:drive (i.e. with Destination as an option), I made sure it was pointing to the right place (although no different to before) & now files appear during Import.  I can't really see why this has made the difference, but I'm happy that it resolved the issue, thanks!