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    Import from catalog: Lightroom doesn't recognize duplicate images -> no synchronizing of metadata, settings, keywords,... possible


      I am using Lightroom CC 2015.4 under Win7.

      The problem is:


      I have got a local catalog with my actual keywords, adjustments and so on, and a different master catalog, containing the same images on a different drive but without the latest edits.

      So I wanted to import my edits and metadata from the local catalog into the master catalog:


      I opened the master catalog, 'import from another catalog', and then Lightroom listed all the images of the local catalog. So far so good.

      But I don't want to copy the images (as they are already on my master drive), I just want the complete metadata, adjustments, keywords, ratings, and so on to be updated. If I select "Don't import new photos", mistakenly some of my images are grayed out and some are not, so I am not being able to update just the catalog settings for all images.

      It seems to be that Lightroom has problems to recognize that all the images in the local catalog are already in the master catalog.

      The path names are 100% identical both on the local drive and the master, and so are the image files themselves. I checked already with a tool that all files are identical at binary level, thus the Exif-Data must be the same. The file names, date and time are also identical. Thus all conditions for duplicates are fulfilled according to the Adobe Help Page.


      Furthermore if I try that vice versa, i.e. I open the local catalog and try to import from the master catalog, it seems to be that the same images are grayed out.


      The whole thing doesn't make any sense for me.


      All tips and hints would be appreciated.

      Best regards.

      (Sorry for my English, I am not a native speaker.)