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    Adobe Acrobat Pr XI recently files not updating


      Adobe Acrobat Pro XI recently opened/created/saved files list is not updating this is in the splash screen and the list in the "file" drop down list in fact none of the list are updating,

      When I open a PDF file from either the internet or an email, and save it, it is added to the recent files list with in the program BUT if I open a file that created from say Word, Excel or any other program and stored on my machine edit and save it then it is NOT added to the list,

      I'm finding this very annoying as I produce a large amount of Engineering Drawings Tutorial this way and it a bit of a carry on to have to click open, browse, etc.

      I though that this may be something to do with the "My Documents" being move to another drive but on moving it back to "C" drive I still have the problem.So I re-installed that get the first 5 files I open onto the list but after that it will not update.