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    PowerPoint and Lightroom


      How do I import a slideshow in Lightroom into a PowerPoint presentation??  I would be grateful for any suggestions! 


      Tks very much,



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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          A slide show from Lightroom is a movie file (*.mp4).

          Does powerpoint support movie files?

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            You don't need LR to create a PP Presentation that contains images. If you want to use LR to select the images you want in the PP Presentation you can do that and then export them to a folder you create. You should probably uncheck the option to included the export in your catalog.

            Then it's all up to PP.


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              ronl62749074 Level 1

              Yes, it does if I turn the SS into a movie which I have done.  I can even import the mp4 file into PP; however, it shows up as a movie on a slide in review mode.  One can even play it when it is in this mode (shows up as a large “?” mark and underneath there is a play button and it will play.  As soon as you go to full screen, however, only the ? mark remains and there seems to be no option to play it.


              Really, really frustrating because I know that I am close but….not close enough!


              Tks for your interest - any other ideas?



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                ronl62749074 Level 1

                I have put the mp4 movie (slideshow with audio) onto my desktop.  When I try to move it to my PP presentation, PP is greyed out so will not allow me to do that (?).


                I can go to PP and ask it to insert; it will take the file with the SS, it inserts it right on top of a slide in PP with a large ? on top.  I can move it to a blank slide and it will play in preview mode but will not play when I try to do a full screen presentation.


                Very very frustrating.  I know it is close to working but….not close enough!


                Tks of your input - much appreciated.  Any other suggestions??