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    What is or has replaced Edge Animate?

    atPlay Level 1

      Now that Adobe has scrapped their entire Edge line of applications I am curious as to what has taken the place of Edge Animate.  Edge Reflow main features were bundled into Dreamweaver and Muse but which product will be taking EA's place?    I saw the announcement and the update in my creative cloud desktop for Flash Pro turning into Animate CC but from what I can tell from their description and feature list it is just Flash rebranded to an animators tool, like cartoons etc...    I don't see any application currently that takes the place of EA.. anyone know?

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          Mauricep Level 1

          Nothing as far as I can see. They think the "new" Animate CC is going to pickup Edge Animate users I suppose. Had a look at it this morning and it is just Flash renamed. No thanks, I quit using Flash for a reason. The frame based animation is not intuitive and really outdated. It's super hard to use unless you are already a Flash developer or a super geek. Not designer friendly at all. Have a look at Tumult Hype.

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            Design11 Level 1

            I have to agree once again Adobe has disappointed in a huge way.


            I had expected Edge was a proving ground for new features that would be folded into Adobe Animate. Especially the the timeline tools. I see no evidence they have taken anything from Edge Animate to improve Adobe Animate. With Edge they had finally started to create a timeline toolset that was easy to use and intuitive, and they've completely abandoned it to return to the same old Flash garbage that was already outdated a decade ago.

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              atPlay Level 1

              I don't use apple products so no mac here..  If there is something available for windows that is similar to that Hype product let me know.


              Flash wasn't that bad last I used it I liked the ability to incapsulate a working website mockup into an all inclusive air file to send to clients for approval. I also like the html output versus the old swf or flv files.

              I have not used it in awhile though so not sure what features were cutout especially now they rewrote it from scratch apparently for animators.   I heard they stopped developing flash builder as well so not sure what is used now for creating air projects, there are quite a lot of software that has been developed using it so not sure why they are cutting the tools loose.

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                atPlay Level 1

                That's what they said when they first came out with Edge...   They are working on redoing dreamweaver now so I am thinking a name change will happen there as well.  Adobe is not a user friendly company, they do what they want then expect the user base to support themselves. The developers have a lot of good ideas but most get cut out due to the internal politics from what I understand from talking with some current and past devs.  The design the way we want you to and not how you actually do it is an interesting one, lots of activity around asking for input and then come out with the way they want you to is something I don't quite get.  I also enjoy watching the we listened to our customers and they don't want feature X or product Y...  When the fact is the opposite is the case.  I am wondering if it is not the corporate customers that do things a certain way they mean and not actually the independent creators out there.

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                  Design11 Level 1

                  Unfortunately you're probably right. Just imagine how the Edge dev team would try and convince the Flash dev team to who have been at it since they were Macromedia that they should redo the timeline and support Edge project files. It would never happen, Animate will just continue to be Flash with a different name.


                  Any real innovation at Adobe is inevitably going to be stifled and replaced by incrementally adding new features many of which are not particularly useful and just create bloat.

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                    Mauricep Level 1

                    Flash is extremely powerful no question. It's just that the application paradigm is dated. There are better ways to do things as is evidenced in Edge Animate.

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                      atPlay Level 1

                      I agree. Flash isn't really designed for web design specifically as a tool, it was always show cased as an animation tool. Most of the tutorials I have seen or used are about creating character animation or banner ads. Today it is all about game creation and nickelodeon style animations / cartoons more than what we would want to use it for.  The interesting thing about what you just said is that Adobe is now looking through their product lines and focusing on the core of what each tool set does to I guess stream line the tools to better focus on what they were intended for or evolved to become.


                      Everyone see's their focus switching back to their core products. Dreamweaver their web design tool, The rebranding of Flash to strictly an Animation tool, Photoshop and their video production tools. 

                      I do like their Brackets open source code editor that came from the Edge Tools line originally which is continuing on as it's own thing. 


                      The starting and abandoning useful or promising technologies is not a new thing for Adobe, look at all the companies they bought up and then shelved the products to make more room for theirs or snap the back on products that would make theirs irrelevant.


                      I don't like it but unless something comes along that can do better for what I do overall, Adobe is the only option right now for me. I am and always have been a windows user so I can't use any of the 3rd party mac tools that do similar to EA. I guess it is a waiting game until Adobe releases features in their main tools or someone else comes out with tools that resemble at least somewhat what EA did, for windows anyway. 


                      I am sad about it but nothing more I can say here.   Thanks for the responses.

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                        Design11 Level 1

                        To be fair Adobe's original core products Indedsign, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects etc... are excellent. I don't ever see myself switching to anything else.


                        I think they've failed to deliver with Animate, at least as far as hyping web animation goes and have disappointed the Edge community in a big way.


                        Dreamweaver is ok, I use it because I like the overall project management capabilities but the dev tools especially the code editor are rather poor. I am excited to see this being redone. We'll see if they deliver on that promise. Maybe there's a way to integrate EA tools into Dreamweaver somehow but I doubt it, it would probably just create a mess.


                        If you're a coder and interested in animation Greensock is an excellent framework, insanely powerful, and it animates directly on DOM elements with no need for a canvas wrapper if you don't want one.


                        Nice talking to you. Cheers.

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                          marjantrajkovski Level 4

                          WIN/MAC - JS CANVAS = Adobe Animate

                          WIN/MAC - CSS DOM = Google Web Designer

                          MAC - JS DOM = Tumult Hype

                          WIN - JS DOM = last version discontinued Adobe Edge Animate

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                            ignatz2016 Level 1

                            there is no "JS CANVAS" in Adobe animate CC

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                              Design11 Level 1

                              I believe marjan is listing how the product animate.


                              By JS CANVAS he means Animate outputs using  javascript in the canvas element vs JS DOM on hype which means it can animate DOM elements directly without needing to wrap it in a canvas element.

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                                ignatz2016 Level 1

                                oh thanks! so is that the same as edge animate then? does animate cc package all the html and scripts like edge animate? I guess I'm trying to understand if animate cc is the replacement for edge animate?

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                                  resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  No Animate CC is Flash. Edge Animate has the word 'Edge' in front and is the html5 app.

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                                    ignatz2016 Level 1

                                    Thanks! I know animate replaces flash but it has an HTML canvas and can (apparently?) also  export as HTML5 with Javascript files like edge animate so whats the difference? Plus edge was depreciated about the same time animate cc came out. Given that baoth edge animate and animate cc can both save as html5 i'm trying to figure out the diffrence is as an html generator if there is one.

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                                      jomo5280 Level 1

                                      What a branding nightmare. This is going to confuse a bunch of people and convolute Flash & Edge even more!

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                                        resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                        You cannot really use flash/Animate with the DOM like Edge Animate. It does have html5 features but not like Edge Animate.

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                                          atPlay Level 1

                                          I found this  http://my.smithmicro.com/motionartist-motion-comic-software.html


                                          It is interesting software marketed as comic creation software but it does A LOT similar to Edge Animate and it does HTML5 output.

                                          Windows and Mac versions available.  It seems a hybrid between 2D and 3D animation with ability to use bones for animating bitmaps and works with PSD layers for import.
                                          The software seems to not be actively developed at the moment but I am not sure it is abandoned like EA.   Watching the few video tutorials available on Youtube you can work with all sorts of media including video and work in a 3D space with ability to animate everything including the camera...   I am looking more to this type of software now though I have not made up my mind on it or their other software.. still exploring and seeing what is out there..   I am looking for something that gives me the most flexibility.   These 2D / 3D animation softwares are very interesting... 

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                                            limakid2015 Level 1

                                            So, what is the official Adobes's comment or promise advice about this abandon? Is there a page ai Can read what is the plan of Adobe for 2016 in the animation field? I read about Dreamweaver 2016, but about animations, nothing. They should say something. By the mean time, I go for EA. The keyframes workflow, the toggle pin, the NO need to convert to symbols, the responsive layout, are great features that Flash doesn't have. Maybe some people complaint that sometimes we have to CODE action script... so what! it's not big deal. We do also in brackets, right?

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                                              atPlay Level 1

                                              Don't expect any comment from Adobe at least in any official capacity here..


                                              There are only two applications now that do animation from Adobe.  The rebranded Animate CC which was Flash and then Fuse which was something else before and was more a general character animation software but now is just a humanoid 3D poser application with all the good stuff taken out I guess. 


                                              Adobe from what I see is quickly making themselves redundant in the web design tool creation market.


                                              I am looking to other companies now for this feature set and turning more to traditional animation software that though is made for cartooning and anime the tools can also be used for web design and presentations that you just can't do with any of the Adobe software applications.  I don't know what Adobe's end game is but they are totally abandoning their user base and remaking their software for some unknown customer base because it isn't web designers or developers.  Brackets is the best thing that came out of Adobe in awhile and that is largely developed by the user base.

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                                                The Jayster Level 1

                                                I have no clue what Adobe is thinking here. I come from years of Flash dev/design, and had to really struggle to get comfy in Edge Animate. Then... I really loved it! It has such a nice clean UI - and what I love most is that it is truly working with the HTML5 stack... just javascript, css, and html. It's not the powerful raw/rendered multimedia, drawing,  and "animation" tool that Flash/Animate is/was - not even remotely close... but I don't think it was trying to be. It's not for game dev for goodness sake - it's for standards-based and basic interactivity/animation. It's PERFECT for animating complicated layers of elements in the DOM - which is a different approach and need. To stop supporting this application and assume we all want to use canvas and webGL animation is absurd. I liked the clean and pure-bred design concept behind Edge Animate (once I got used to it) - and I liked that I was staying in the DOM element world. Even the properties panel is totally web design driven. And... wasn't there a pure JS programming interface in the last rev Flash Pro? Is it still there even? I'm confused man. Whadda mess. I think there is a need for BOTH tools - not some semi-consolidated Frankenstein version. They are way too different in design principle and purpose imo.


                                                Just really getting fed up with Adobe these days, and their apparent disregard for folks jumping on board with their newer products - spending massive time/effort to learn them - and then getting dumped on their butts once more. Just a weird approach to business in my opinion. I've even had recent experiences with other products (specifically Captivate 9) where they obliviously drop design capabilities/features without even noticing - blowing up your previous version projects upon import. Becoming a very sloppy group imo.



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                                                  atPlay Level 1

                                                  Adobe seems to be going in cycles between Developers that produce games and interactive content AND Animators that produce cartoons and content for video and television.

                                                  There does not seem to be a middle it is either one or the other and at each cycle the other side is completely ignored and tools are shed or redesigned for which ever side Adobe is paying attention to at the time. Right now it is Animators I guess, so all the web designers and developers are being shunned as we are seeing with the complete abandonment of the Edge and other tools as well as refocusing Flash as an Animators tool.

                                                  When they were focusing on developers and web designers the Edge Tools and Muse were produced. Flash was updated for html5 output and Dreamweaver was changed to support PHP and responsive design. Brackets and other coding software was being developed while the animators were effectively being ignored. Now the animators are being listened to, the developers and interactive designers are being shunned.   Adobe has had an identity crisis for a long time but the way they are going about catering to one of two markets is insane, swinging between one or the other and dumping entire categories of tools is just insanity.


                                                  I don't use Apple products at all and it seems that most of the development for these type of tools, Edge Animate type, are being developed for Macs. For windows there really isn't much out there. I can create similar types of content it seems using 3rd party Animation software out there and then custom coding but I can't actually create the same HTML5 interactivity presentations directly like with Edge Animate.  


                                                  If there was something like Hype5 for windows and Muse / DW like tools out there from a 3rd party, I honestly don't think I would continue with my Creative Cloud Subscription.
                                                  Looking at the Edge Animate software I honestly do not see Animate CC including any of it's features as they are focusing mostly on Animators now.

                                                  I am so tired of all this, when I posted this thread I didn't know as much about what was and wasn't out there or the views and attitudes from not just Animators and Developers but also from within various departments at Adobe.  Now.. I honestly think the company as a whole is just INSANE.


                                                  I installed the latest released Edge Animate on my windows 10 pro desktop and will use it until the code is outdated and doesn't work anymore and also work with something like Anime Studio Pro 11 for creating content instead of Flash or now Animate CC, just because.

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                                                    shinobigem Level 1

                                                    I agree, I'm really disappointed. Edge is way better then Flash for web interaction. Why release a responsive Adobe Muse and then stop Edge. 

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                                                      AlexNedoboy Level 1

                                                      Hey, guys! maybe you can give an advice.

                                                      I want to learn svg-animation. what can replace adobe edge animate? Is there any point to learn it? or it's possible to work with svg-animation in new Animate CC?

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                                                        plant0nium Level 1

                                                        Wait wait.... I am a newbie at HTML5 banners etc. I downloaded trial, come here and now i understand that i should not waste time with Edge Animate? I would like to learn, but i don't want to learn new software every couple months... I am not confused.

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                                                          ddhayles Level 3

                                                          In my opinion Edge Animate CC is still the best software package at the moment for creating HTML Banner Ads, Hype comes in a close second.  Google Web Designer does the job it's free but it's dreadful and clunky.

                                                          There are many other browser based packages for banner ad creation but most lack a timeline or the ability to save your file independent of the platform (not all though).

                                                          Animate CC (flash) can also produce HTML Banner ads but some ad serving systems can sometimes have trouble serving Canvas based content that AnimateCC exports.


                                                          The industry is still in a state of chaos since dropping flash in the summer of 2015, lets hope 2016 will see it settle down a bit with better software and better integration with ad serving platforms. Don't expect Adobe be the one to take the lead here though.


                                                          For the moment my advice would be to stick with Edge Animate and put up with is bugs, although if you are a Mac user you could also try Hype as it is actively being developed and will soon surpass Edge in features and stability. I'm currently developing using both depending on which ad serving platform I use.

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                                                            atPlay Level 1

                                                            Yes, Edge Animate has been abandoned by Adobe.  Though it still works and is currently available it will not be updated going forward.  There really is no other software available for the pc that can do what this software does. If you have a MAC there is a similar software as described above.  Should you learn and use EA as your banner creation tool, I would not depend on it as a main tool but for right now the window where it still works is open and as long as it does go for it and use it.  Just be open to other tools as a replacement in the future.

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                                                              holliet34829289 Level 1

                                                              Has there been any update to this information on a replacement for Edge Animate? I've never used EA before, but i need to create animated SVGs and everything keeps pointing me to software that isn't available on CC anymore.

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                                                                atPlay Level 1

                                                                There is no replacement application from Adobe that would directly replace Edge Animate.  If you have a MAC there are several software I have found using search engines but nothing I can find that can do similar for windows based software.
                                                                If all you need to do is create animated SVG's you can use a software like --->  http://www.synfig.org/cms/   
                                                                I don't know if Animate CC can do this or not as I don't use it but there are many free to various cost paid softwares available if you do a search via any popular search engine for SVG creation and animation.

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                                                                  The Jayster Level 1

                                                                  well, I keep hearing this bizarre reasoning, that Animate has an outdated frame-based timeline. That's absurd. Frame level animation is the only way to go if you onion skin animation that is drawn in vector right there in the tool itself. Animate is a super powerful vector drawing application in addition to everything else. Animate is faaaaaaaaar more powerful than Edge Animate ever dreamed of being in terms of capability. The point is, EA was made for a different purpose, and for a different set of designers that wanted to avoid plugins and have an IDE for simplistic animation of DOM elements. That's it in a nutshell. People that cap on Animate don't use it deeply In their line of work. They don't understand its full blown application development and lightweight SVG animation power. But indeed, it is no replacement for EA... Totally different beast. As far as the synfig application goes... Which is a good suggestion...  I didnt see it exporting to any very frontend Dev friendly or EA relevant formats. I looked at the manual, but maybe I'm missing something.


                                                                  The answer all depends on what it is you need to export. If you want to export html and css and JavaScript files... And you want to import all your artwork from a folder , not create it directly in the tool itself... And you don't need detailed levels of animation... And insane coding depth... Then yeah... EA was and still is yer ticket. Or you could use tumult hype or nodefire  - if still supported is what matters most. EA was the best of the pack though... I can't believe they dumped it. (Idiots at the helm, boys). And yeah if yer a coder only type... Green sock is awesome as suggested above.


                                                                  If you simply need the animations to run in an "HTML5" compatible format... And you don't need to animate at the DOM element level using css transitions etc.... Then you can still use Animate CC (Flash). It's just as relevant as it was in its heyday now, because you can build all the same levels of complexity into your animations and or web apps, and just kick them out to canvas instead of using a plugin. They won't run as processor friendly as did the latter versions of flash player that targeted the onboard graphics, but they will run smooth. And... They will look the same on all browsers that support canvas. Basically... Canvas is your new wrapper... Just not technically a plugin. As far as how well the interactive web app or animation runs goes... Well... That's up to the quality of the programmer... As it always was.

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                                                                    Herbert2001 Level 4

                                                                    Flash Animate CC has a very clunky frame-based timeline, in my opinion. There is nothing inherently wrong with a frame-by-frame timeline, and you are correct in saying that it is essential to have in an application which supports drawing vector in the tool itself.


                                                                    But the way the timeline is organized is just clunky and awkward. I have been working with the newly open sources OpenToonz, and its x-sheet (OpenToonz does not have a horizontal frame timeline) is much more comfortable to animate frame-by-frame with compared to the horizontal timeline in either Flash Animate or Toonboom.


                                                                    Of course, this is very much personal preference - however, Flash's Animate's timeline remains a clunky affair. Always has been, always will be (unless it is improved at some point in the future). It is still the same old timeline as the one introduced by Macromedia. And let's not even mention the terrible graph editor in Flash Animate - even the new one.

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                                                                      The Jayster Level 1

                                                                      Well... Adobe might upgrade the Animate timeline layout eventually, especially if other brands are improving upon it. But first... we'll have to give them the year or so they'll need to decide whether or not they are going to continue supporting it. lol

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                                                                        Mauricep Level 1

                                                                        Great perspective Jay. As a longtime designer with "some" aptitude for programming I have observed that applications that are designer friendly (well designed, visually based with pre-prepared code bits to start from) are few and far between. Apple Media Tool, mTropolis, Hype, Edge Animate. Flash is not designer friendly and I find it exasperating to do even simple things. The way it does keyframes for instance is wacky. Information about assets seems to be buried someplace. In a tool like EA, click on an asset and everything about that asset and what has been done to it is there in one panel. It's simple, beautiful and fun to use. Flash caters more to programmers and they can really make it sing and I think that it is an important tool, but so is Edge Animate and they should keep developing it for us designer types.

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                                                                          Bento3 Level 1

                                                                          Today I thought I would load the new Adobe Animate to start looking at how I would use as a replacement to all of my Edge projects. My instant thought is that it's not at all a good replacement. Like some others have been saying it's just flash!


                                                                          I'm now looking at Google Web Designer.

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                                                                            The Jayster Level 1

                                                                            Bento - look into Tumult Hype if you are using a Mac. It's very very similar to Edge Animate from what I hear/read. If you are on Windows, then take a peek at NodeFire. I've read from other folks that both of these are far superior to Google Web Designer. And - yeah - Flash/Animate is for building non-DOM-element manipulating animations. Very different design/development approach/need. For HTML5 compliance using Animate - you would export your animations as a Canvas element. They use JavaScript (I guess CreateJS) to run in a canvas - but include all the same basic creative, artistic, and programmatic freedom as did the plugin.

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                                                                              marjantrajkovski Level 4

                                                                              The best thing is that Edge Animate is now free. Only live product can have legal rights. It is work perfect to me.

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                                                                                SquareMoon Level 1

                                                                                I agree. Tumult Hype is different but definitely more intuitive than Flash/Animate. Also, try the In5 plugin to InDesign

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                                                                                  Neox99 Level 4

                                                                                  Adobe now has me leery about Muse. Is is going to go the way of Edge Animate with Adobe saying Dreamweaver now has included all the features of Muse?

                                                                                  I almost abandoned DW when Muse arrived but have now returned to catching up with all the latest features - just in case.
                                                                                  I loved the EA / Muse relationship.


                                                                                  Oh - did I forget to mention I despise Flash [Animate CC] and, so far, have refused to use it.

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                                                                                    atPlay Level 1

                                                                                    I don't know where you got that idea but you are wrong about copyright law. Just because something is not being developed does not automatically void the legal ownership of the copyright holder.

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                                                                                      atPlay Level 1

                                                                                      I don't know, I like Muse for mocking up a site though since they updated Dreamweaver with the Brackets editor the entire application is quicker loading and operating at least on my machine.  For the most part I code by hand but do like the templates in DW as starting points and even though I use Brackets the DW version seems to be more smooth to me.

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