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    Intel HD Graphics


      Hi, I have a Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 10.1 running Win 10 with an Intel HD graphics card, Quad core Intel Atom Z3745. I don't want to do anything too taxing on this machine, just some very basic image processing using Camera Raw. It is better specced than my Asus T100 which has run camera raw in the past without too much trouble (currently it has a cracked screen). Now here's the problem; running Photoshop CC2015 with the latest updates, I get a message when I start Camera raw that the screen resolution is less than 1256 by 720, and if I go ahead anyway the controls for Camera raw are mostly off the screen and unusable. The actual screen resolution is 1900 by 1200. What's going on? Any idea how I might fix this?


      Any suggestions gratefully recieved,