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    Problem with Capture Date & Time Changing

    lindaQ Level 1

      I just became aware of a problem with using Capture Date to is very strange. To begin with, a brief explanation of the import workflow I am have been using with iPhone 6 jpeg image since Lightroom Mobile was introduced. The images appear in the Moments section of the iPhone Photo app, and from there I transfer them to a collection in Lightroom Mobile. Once the collection syncs to Lightroom on my Mac (running most recent El Capitan), they sort by capture time and I make picks and rename the images. I have a naming preset which automatically adds the date to all images. I recently noticed that some of these images, but not all, were being named with the wrong date. I had been traveling without my computer — only my iPad, and as it was a month before the images were synced to my Mac it was very obvious the dates were incorrect. The problem may have manifested sooner, but if the date was off by a day or two it would not have been as noticeable.


      The problem only occurs when I take photos with the Moment app from MomentLens company. I use the app because it is designed to work with Moment attachment lenses and the Moment case (neither of which make any difference in the capture time problem).

      Once the images are added to LR Mobile, the Info for the images shows the correct capture date and time. It is when they images sync to LR (most up-to-date version) that the problem occurs. And it is not a LR Mobile problem, as the date and time changes occur if iPad images are added to LR without using LR mobile (from the iPad to Mac with AirDrop). Looking at the EXIF metadata panel in LR, images taken with the iPhone Photo app show three dates: Date Time Original, Date Time Digitized, and Date Time — all three of which are the same. Photos taken with the Moment app only show Date Time, but it is the same as the capture time shown in the iPhone Photo app and in LR Mobile. However, when I show info on the imagine in Lightroom, the time that appears for Capture Time is either the time the image was synced (if it came from LR Mobile) or the time the image was added to the iPad via wifi. This is also the time that is added to the naming preset. Note that if I send an image directly from the iPhone to the Mac with AirDrop the date & time is correct.


      I cannot for the life of me understand this anomaly. I have done extensive testing of images, and it only occurs with the Moment app — other Camera apps do not exhibit this problem. Interestingly, LR recognizes both the Moment app, which appears under EXIF on the Software line, and the Moment Lenses when used with the Moment iPhone case.


      If anyone has any ideas I would love the input. Thank-you

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant
          Photos taken with the Moment app only show Date Time

          That's the problem --- the Moment app isn't playing by the rules. 


          The EXIF DateTime field is confusingly named. Under the EXIF standard, it is the date and time that the photo file was last changed by standards-compliant photo software.  The EXIF DateTimeOriginal is the "capture time", when the shutter was pressed. 


          Based on what you're seeing, the Moment app isn't adding EXIF:DateTimeOriginal to the photo.  If true, that's a huge mistake.  Firmware and software developers are often sloppy about following the standards, but omitting DateTimeOriginal is much worse than normal.


          If you want to double-check and gather evidence for a bug report for the Moment team, take one of the original Moment app photos (not touched by the iPhone Photos app, LR Mobile, or LR) and upload it to Dropbox.  We can put it under the microscope to see what might be going on.

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            lindaQ Level 1

            I just took a photo with the iPhone using the Moment app and placed it in a Dropbox folder. The link to the folder is Dropbox - Moment Photo. Thanks for looking into this. I also sent me query to Moment, and I will add your concern about Original Time.

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              johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

              The link to the folder is Dropbox - Moment Photo

              I just confirmed with Exiftool that the sample file doesn't contain EXIF:DateTimeOriginal, though it does contain EXIF:DateTime. 


              You might send the following to Moment, from the EXIF 2.3 spec:


              Untitled 2.png

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                lindaQ Level 1

                Thank-you very much. I appreciate your confirming that the problem is with Moment and I will forward the information you sent me.

                I hope that the people at Moment will be able to correct this.

                Thanks again, Linda