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    does Lightroom 6 support Sony a6000 raw images?


      does lightroom 6 support raw images from Sony a6000?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          LR version 5.4 and newer support raw files from the a6000.


          In your other thread you've already been told what's wrong--that your destination at the right of the Import panel isn't what you intend or if it is, then LR doesn't have permission to write files to it.


          The error "cannot be read" means that LR tried to copy the files from the camera memory card to the destination folder and then LR tried to import from that destination folder and the files could not be read because the first step, the copy, failed.


          Updating to a newer version of LR beyond LR 5.4 won't help with the situation, you still need to specify the correct destination, a folder that is writable.