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    jsx files calling JSON functions suddenly stopped functioning - puzz;ing

    DocH999 Level 1

      I have been using the JSON scripting functions downloaded from:




      for fetching a layer style and then resetting parameters in that layer style, in a javascript program.


      All was working fine, but suddenly when I run these scripts they are interrupted by an error during one of the JSON functions. It's very odd as I'm running old jsx programs that were fine a few days ago, but now they fail. I wondered whether I might inadvertently have edited one of the .jsxinc files, but the dates on all the .jsxinc files are 2 or 3 months ago so that doesn't seem to be the reason.


      I'm running Photoshop CS6.


      Can anyone suggest what is going on here? It's very puzzling - working fine one day and not the next...