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    Why is Lightroom changing my image colors?

    reneev Level 1

      Hi people, so I'm having an issue. Lightroom is great but is constantly changing all the red clothing in my images pink. Super annoying and not sure how to fix this. Is there a setting that I can do that will have it be on the same page as my Canon camera? Not sure if that is it or it is doing some sort of auto tone thing. Like I said, everything else in the image, flesh tones and lighting, stay true to the shot, but it changes the red clothing pink and adds more blues. Help!!!!!!

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          You have some type of Preset being applied on import or you have changed the Default develop setting to change/adjust that color.


          In the Develop module in the Setting menu select Reset All Settings. Does it go back to the original color? If it does then go to the Develop menu and select Set Default Settings. A dialog box will pop up. Select Restore Adobe Default Settings.

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            reneev Level 1

            Actually I just found an article and found out what is causing this!! I shoot with a Canon, so not sure if it will work for everyone. But all you need to do is go to the bottom right panel once in the Develop tab to where Camera Calibration is. You need to select the same profile that you shot in. For instance, I was shooting in Portrait mode on my camera so I selected Portrait. And voila, the true colors came back!