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    Problem with Flash Player and Edge


      I am experiencing the same issue, but only with edge, adobe works fine with firefox.  Pretty sad I have to navigate between all these different browsers just so surf the net.  I do the so called "fix" that adobe says to do and I get caught in the same bloody loop..  what gives with Adobe and Edge?  It worked just fine initially, and now, since last update I got crap.

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          I don't want to assume that you're having the same problem as everyone else.  To that end, I've branched your post out to a separate discussion.


          This gives me a better chance to understand the specific problem you're running into.


          Complete details on the problem, the affected URL and how to reproduce the issue you're running into would be very useful.  Ideally, I want to reproduce this on my machine, so anything you can give me that will help me do that would be very useful.  If I can reproduce it, it's usually pretty easy to get it fixed.

          Here are some guidelines in terms of what would be helpful: