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    Tips on Converting from 5 to 8?

    Tim M Level 1
      We are currently using RoboHelp 5, our projects are all WebHelp projects, and they are all in RoboSource Control (RSC). Our corporate office purchased licenses for us to move to RoboHelp 8. Any suggestions on the best way to proceed?

      As a precaution, we are planning to keep one of our RH5 licenses installed on a standalone PC and move copies of the project out of RSC to that PC. Our initial attempts to move the projects out of RSC using RH5's remove project from RSC option have not been successful. Even with the folders renamed, the projects still open as if they are in source control. Two questions here. First, do you think this precaution is necessary? Second, if it is, any suggestions on removing projects from RSC?

      Does RH8 convert projects that are already in RSC?

      One of our other companies converted from RH6 to RH8 and experienced issues with losing styles. Our projects use customized skins and customized .css pages. One of the customizations to the skins was provided on this forum years ago; we added a print tab with the option to print a WebHelp topic. Will RH8 convert the skins and css pages?

      After we install RH8, will we still be able to work with our projects in RH5 as long as we haven't converted the individual projects to RH8?