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    Error msg insufficient disk space

    bashofman Level 1

      I have a new macbook air and installed my acrobat X on it.  When I want to save a pdf as png or tiff (or possibly other file types I have not tried yet) I get the message Error attempting to write to file.  This may be due to insufficient disk space (page1)".  The operating system is OS X v 10.11.3 (El Capitan).  However, on my old macbook also with El Capitan, I had no problems with this.  What can be the reason?


      Has anybody experienced similar problems.


      Thanks in advance


      Bas Hofman

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          YatharthS Adobe Employee

          Hi  bashofman,


          Please check whether is there any update available for the software after going through "help > check for updates "

          Follow this thread  to reset the preferences for the Acrobat Software :- https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1595848

          The files which you are trying to save whether they are on network dive or local. If they are on network try to bring them on local drive & then check .

          Also try to change the location on your system while saving these files .


          If issue still persist, then create a new user account with the Admin rights on Mac, login to the new user account & check for the same issue you there as well .


          Let me know if it works.




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            bashofman Level 1

            Hi Yatharth,


            I followed your list and

            a) no updates available.  I would not expect this, as I downloaded the latest Friday last week from the website.

            b) Need to check this

            c) Files are on my local disk

            d) I tried this and ergo it worked.   Saved the png file to a different destination folder and all OK.  Also tried to save to tiff and this was OK.


            This solves my problem for the moment.

            Mind you, acrobat 10 is no longer supported and looking at the possibilities of DC I might upgrade to DC.  It has some features that seem to be working better then in the version 10.


            Anyway, thanks for your help.


            Bas Hofman