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    Is Flash CS6 suitable to create this easy image editor?


      I need to create an easy image editor and I'm thinking to use Flash CS6 which I used in the past and I already have some experience with AS3, but I don't know if I can do all the requested things.

      Here is the list of features for the image editor:

      1) decide the size in pixels for each new image

      2) set a background image wihch covers the entire area (stretching the bg image if needed, no repeat, no need to keep the aspect ratio of the bg image)

      3) replace the background without to restart with a new image

      4) insert text selecting only given fonts (not all the fonts installed on the PC) and given font sizes

      5) select a png image from a folder on the PC and put it on the scene

      6) there must be the possibility to move around the text and the imported images to place them where needed

      7) the images to import represent 3 different kinds of objects (lights, flowers, pots), I'd put a button for each kind of object, flowers must be resizable, lights and pots not.

      8) the text must be resizable only horizontally

      9) zoom in and out the image while editing it

      10) remove from the scene any object

      11) save and print the image created

      12) the image editor must run on Windows (7 and above) machines as an exe file


      Is it possible to create an image editor like that with Flash?