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    Syncing photos among desktop PC, tablet, and mobile devices


      Hi, I can't seem to understand how mobile sync is working, hope someone can kindly guide me.


      My objective is to have a sub-set of my photos that are synced among desktop PC (MAC OSX running full LR CC), smartphone (LR mobile), and my tablet (Windows 10 running full LR CC).


      I have managed to setup a Collection on my desktop PC that syncs with Mobile - E.g. this collection is where I have photos that are relevant to share among my devices. E.g. my smart phone can see those photos and I can add also photos to the collection from my smart phone that pops up on the desktop.


      However, when running the tablet LR, I can't seem to get the same link established. E.g. when I enable sync it wants to delete my existing lightroom file association and delete all the photos in the cloud. Does the Mobile Sync not work between different full lightroom instances or am I doing it wrong?


      And if not possible, is there another means of synchronisation needed here that I can apply that for only a subset of my photos (my tablet can't hold my full database of photos)? I looked into the asset area of Creative Cloud but it seems to be manual copy area and I dislike breaking my photos out (or duplicating them physically) in different physical locations on my desktop PC's hard drive? 


      Thanks in advance!