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    Why don't .oam files work on iPad?


      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to put together an iPad brochure to be used at an upcoming exhibition. I've been looking at current digital publications such as the movie based magazine, 'Empire'. Their iPad versions feature small animated segments on the pages that really bring the content to life and I want to add something similar to my brochure. So I contacted the Empire HQ and asked them how they did it and they just said "Adobe Suite."


      From reading around I worked out that I could work my animated segments up in Edge Animate and then import them into InDesign as .oam files. The problem is that my published .epub works fine when I view it in iBooks on the Mac but none of the .oam content displays when I email it to myself and open in on the iPad. What am I doing wrong?


      I appreciate this may actually be an Edge Animate question but I thought I might start here.


      Much obliged,