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    iOS export problem



      I just updated my Flash Pro CC to the Animate CC. And I am not able to export my existing iOS projects to my test phone! It keeps giving me :  Installation error: ApplicationVerificationFailed !

      I am using all the right certificates since I have not changed anything. Please let me know whats wrong or how do I revert back to Flash CC !!!!!?

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          yachts9999 Level 2

          Check all paths to certificates, assets and libraries (swc etc.). In fact check the path to anything that is loaded at compile time.


          Any path that previously had a reference to Flash Professional will now have to reference Animate.

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            ConfusedGeek Level 1


            Thanks for your reply. I just did a complete check of all the file-path for both the provisioning profile and iOS certificate. The App ID... all seem right! Even my previous FLA files I have used seem not to export !

            Could someone try exporting an existing iPhone app ? With wildcard app id just to test. Please let me know if it works.

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              Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              I have published a lot of iOS apps with Animate, so I know it works. I rarely use wildcard app ids these days, because most things I do are going to need the full id. I also tend to use ad hoc distribution instead of a developer provisioning profile, that way I don't have to switch certificates right near the end.


              Make sure your certificate and provisioning are either both distribution or both developer.