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    License question - selling customized videos online.



      would it be allowed to do the following with the standard CC license and if not is there an option to get a license which would allow that?


      • Operating a website where the customer can select and pay for a video (created with AE).
      • The customer can then upload own content (pictures/videos/text)
      • This content will be copied to a local PC/Mac in my own network
      • A script will automatically open the AE project file of the selected video and will replace the placeholders with the user content
      • The script will trigger AE to render the video
      • The video file will be uploaded to a web server where the customer can download it


      So basically a service which offers customized videos for money. The customer would (of course) not be able to remote control AE and AE would be installed locally but the script will replace the content in the project automatically and it will execute the rendering.


      Thanks for answers

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The only hard part of your plan would be to create the mechanism that would allow customers to upload their videos and then automatically load them into an AE comp and render them and send them a notice that their video was ready to pick up. All kinds of things could go wrong with that scenario depending on what you were trying to do (sell) to the customers. Timing, editing, color correction, frame rates, effects... Without some hand work and some baby sitting of the projects it's going to be hard to guarantee much more than some canned effects something like http://www.jibjab.com/


          I don't think there are any legal restrictions on how you use AE to create income. Carefully read the EULA and make sure.

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            christianf54351379 Level 1

            Hey Rick, thank you for your reply. Beside the technical part the EULA is actually my problem. I would say that my plan is forbidden according to the EULA, but I'm not 100% sure.

            If you read this it sounds like it but I would like to know if I understand this correctly.


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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I'd check with customer service. You're not offering AE to the public via remote access. I would think the most efficient way to try and do what you are talking about would be to set up something like dropbox for a customer to use to upload their videos. You would set up some kind of script that watched that folder and created a new comp from the uploaded files and then rendered the output on your local computer. It sounds like trying to set up AE on a server and give the public access to AE directly would be a violation of the EULA. I'm not sure how the dropbox - watch folder differs from the way I have clients upload their source footage for me to work on and send them the results.


              Setting up a script that would take a bunch of still images and create a slideshow to music would be a fairly simple thing to do but there are so many sites out there with great tools for doing something like that that it sounds like a sketchy business plan for a startup. Same thing for face replacement like jibjab. Been done, kind of clever, but again, not the kind of business I would try and start using AE as my primary tool. I'm not sure what kind of thing you are trying to do but if it's anything like any of the phone apps that take your video and make "cool" things out of them, then you probably want to look at creating the software from scratch. Xcode is getting so easy to use and the API is so powerful that even 12 year olds are building amazing things with it in Jr High