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    Which Movie Menus in Adobe Premiere Elements 14 Actually Function Properly When Video Is Burned to DVD?


      I have recently Adobe Premiere Elements 14 and have been editing some video over the last few weeks without problems until it came to burning the video to DVD. I have tried a couple of movie menus (news reel and art in motion), but while they appear to function correctly using the preview option in the software itself, they do not function correctly when the DVD is played in either of the two DVD players that we own.

      I cannot get the highlight box to appear on the menus and so cannot select a specific scene.


      I am seriously unimpressed with this basic flaw in the software. I have already wasted several discs and a lot of time. I only want to use the software to burn to DVD and if I can't do that properly then the software is useless to me. I have already highlighted this to Amazon (from whom I bought the software) and will be seeking a refund from them on the basis that the software is faulty unless you can resolve this issue.