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    Importing cyrillic footnotes: Word into InDesign

    raffib70300479 Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I'm having a big problem with footnotes coming into InDesign (CC 2015- Mac) correctly from Word documents that are typeset in cyrillic characters.

      Either they don't come in at all (and I get a pink box dingbat In its place), or they shift down two or three footnotes. It doesn't seem to matter what font I use (I've used Arno Pro OTF or Minion Pro OTF and tested with Times New Roman OTF/TT).

      I've tried stripping all styles before I import (which is what I normally do when typesetting), and allowed the Word styles to remain- no change.

      After manually placing all footnotes for a number of Russian, Kazakh, Bulgarian, Ukrainian... books (numbering over 600 pages), I've hit my limit.


      Does anyone else have this problem?

      Is there a solution?


      Thanks in advance.



      InDesign CC2015 (up to date)

      Microsoft Word for Mac 2011

      OS 10.10.5

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          David W. Goodrich Level 3

          Unfortunately, ID's footnoting has never been great, and several years ago its importing took a turn for the worse, losing notes for no obvious reason.  One possible cause is detritus leftover from bibliography programs, but in my work that usually is not a factor.  I used to think my use of Chinese characters (necessarily double-byte) caused footnotes to disappear, but now I'm inclined to think a series of revisions in MSWord is enough to through ID off.


          The simplest workaround is to save the MSWord file as RTF and try again.  Next simplest is to convert all footnotes to endnotes in MSWord, again saving as RTF, import, and then use Jongware's terrific Javascript to turn them back into ID footnotes.  The JS quits when it encounters a problem but tells you where it lost track so you find and fix that problem.  The rinse-and-repeat process may require quite a few cycles of finding a goof and fixing it (often by copy-and-paste), but it's better than handling footnotes as a separate series of linked text-frames frames adjusted by hand -- the old PageMaker way.

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            raffib70300479 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response David.

            When following your link to another thread, I read Pipilota Viktorina's suggestion to save "doc." files to "docx." and that seems to have worked! (so far).