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    Corrupted Lightroom Catalog - Laptop went down during Panorama build


      My Lightroom Catalog got corrupted due to my laptop going down while it was building the final "view" of a panorama version of several photos. When I powered the system back up I received the error due to corrupt catalog error,. I have attempted to repair the catalog but no luck.  I do have a back up of 3 weeks which I have restored. The last 2 days I have completed a number of changes that I didn't want too lose. I have attempted to import several files from the correct catalog. However, I receive an error when attempting to import from another catalog.


      Its not a complete disaster if I cannot recover the corrupted catalog but it would be very convenient to recover. Any suggestions?  Either to recover or import from the catalog.


      One last question, the system went down while Lightroom was building the final "view" of a panorama photo. Is it an alternative to delete the preview file, pull up the catalog and rebuild all previews?  Didn't know if this is an option.




      Jim G