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    How to print entire print component

    nnmmooppqq Level 1
      I have an application with fixed height & width. I have a list component that displays additional content when an item is clicked. I want to be able to print the entire list with each item's additional text. I'm only getting a part of the data.

      I created a print component to format the material correctly (component's name is plPrintRenderer in the attached code). That component in turn has a list component with a list itemRenderer (named plItemRenderer in the attached code).

      The sequence I'm using is summarized as follows:

      Create the print job.
      Start print job.
      Create an instance of the print renderer.
      Put the print renderer instance on the stage (in this case, in the parent application).
      Make the instance invisible.
      Give the print renderer instance a data source -- the same as the displayed list data source.
      Add the print renderer instance to the print job.
      Send the print job to the printer.

      The printed output contains only the amount of the print renderer that can be seen on the page, not the entire data. How can I print the entire content if it can't be displayed on a page (because of the fixed pixel size)?

      Any ideas?

      Thanks! I really need to get this working.