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    Layer Renaming


      Is there a way to quickly rename multiple layers at once. Like a From-->To relationship. I do have the information in an excel sheet in two columns. we atleast have 20 layers to deal with every time.

      As the layer names are dynamic(this changes from document to document) we have a template with generic layers - lets say "Layer 1" to "Layer 20" these are hooked to a database system which brings data in different layers.


      Once data is in, we now have generic layers with actual values. We have a excel sheet which holds this information on "From-->To" information and the only option left for is to rename it manually.


      This renaming is important because we have an application which creates separate documents for each layers based on the layer name provided and If we still use generic name we will have a mess with different documents because the names are generic (Layer 1 to 20) in all my document.


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