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    Find and Replace Edits Only in Notepad

      I recently upgraded from RoboHelp 6 to RoboHelp 8. In version 6, RoboHelp was configured to open HTML files from Multi-file Find and Replace in RoboHelp itself rather than any other HTML editor. Now that I have upgraded, when I perform a search using Find and Replace in Files, select a file from the results, and then click the Edit button, the file opens in Notepad. The same occurs with a colleague's computer, who also recently upgraded.

      This occurs no matter how I have configured RoboHelp and my operating system. So for example, it does not seem to matter whether any of the following options are selected:
      * Under Tools | Options, on the Associations tab, Auto-select Editor can be selected, or Use Default Editor can be selected. This doesn't change the behavior.
      * Under Tools | Options, on the Associations tab, Design View <Internal> can be set as the default. Again, no effect.
      * Under Tools | Options, on the Associations tab, File Associations can have .HTM being edited with RoboHTML.exe. No help there.
      * Under Tools | Options, on the General tab, Check for system HTML editor can be selected or not. No luck. Dispair is starting to sink in...

      I'm not sure whether the OS settings make a difference, but it is configured to open .htm and .html files in Internet Explorer. You would think this would not make a difference, however, because clicking Edit in RoboHelp Find and Replace in Files does not open the files in IE. When you click View, it opens the files in IE.

      Thanks in advance for your help!

      James Gage, CSC
      U.S. Dept. of State