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    Object removal / video inpainting from HD footage ???




      I have HD footage that was shot with a canon 5d MKii, to an Atoms Ninja. The footage does not come from a clean HDMI source out from the camera, therefore anything that was showing on the camera screen is recorded onto the footage.

      That being said, I have the 4 line vertical/horizontal grid that was being used on the camera recorded on top of the footage and want to remove it.


      I've researched video inpainting and contacted a company to remove the lines on the footage but they were unable to do so. Their technology can be found here: Sophisticated video inpainting with fayteq - YouTube


      I also have reached out to the academic community and have yet to receive a reply. An article describing their software can be found here :  Video inpainting software deletes people from HD video footage


      Aside from going over a frame by frame analysis and masking / cloning  the lines (way too costly) is there anyone who is aware of software or services that can handle this?