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    Adobe should warn or refund users of 16-bit window machines that software does not work


      In good faith I subscribed to Adobe expecting professional quality products.

      I have a fast and powerful - if by the standards of a few years ago - machine, and it certainly would have been possible to run earlier versions of Photoshop and Lightbox on a quadcore i5 but when I subscribed the versions available will not run properly on a 16-bit PC.  16-bit windows will only address I believe 4GB of memory, and much is taken up by the operating system.  I was not even able to define edges on a selection!!


      I tried to unsubscribe, but Adobe offered 60 days free!  Clever.  They bought me back with that in the hope that I will be able to upgrade my system in that time.


      But they should warn people - Creative Cloud does not function properly on 16-bit machines when using modern resolution images.