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    Adobe Air and Jasper Report

      I am not sure whether this question belong in this forum.. But If anyone has used jasperserver with Adobe air please help me..

      I have my application build in Adobe Air and one of the feature is to show the reports. I am able to see the report properly on adobe air when I pass the url through Iframe. But when I pass the URL with Output=pdf or when I click the pdf icon from jasper report, opens a new adobe air window with a black screen and this happens for all the different exports ie excel.... When I use the same application by triggering in IE, Firefox or Google chrome, it opens a new window or tab and shows me the pdf version.

      So I need help either to get me the pdf in that new adobe air window or open in the users deafult browser that pdf.

      PLEASE HELP ... Please contact me for the screen shots at vsoneta@yahoo.com as I cannot attach the screen shots.. I REALLY NEED HELP SOON