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    Windows, Adobe Premiere Elements 12, Lost Serial Number.


      I purchased a disk for Adobe premiere Elements 12 and Photoshop (2 in 1). It came with a serial number in the box, but I have since lost that number. I was an idiot and didn't register my product. So now I'm ready to install my software on a new PC, but I can't. Here's what I did to trouble shoot:


      -Checked User files

      -Checked my Adobe Profile for my software

      -Looked in "about" section of "Help" in the application

      -Looked for a place to register without serial number.

      -Tried to register in creative cloud


      I really don't know what to do, and it's very frustrating. If there was some way to see my serial number on the old computer so I can put it on my new one, that would be great. There is no way that software this expensive has no way to access your serial number if you lost the physical copy of it.