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    File missing from Mac after update to Animate CC?


      I had a certain .fla file I have been working on for a couple days now, I haven't touched it in the last two days, but I know it was there.


      I updated to animate CC today, which removed all the Flash CC data. I still have ALL my old .fla's that still work perfectly but this one was missing.


      I went into the 'Show Recents' tab in Animate CC, which showed all of my recents in Flash CC before I updated. I found the .fla I was looking for, so I clicked on it, and it said 'File is missing and will be deleted from the list', which doesn't make sense to me because I deleted nothing, I've checked every inch of the drive and my external hard drive; nothing. Not in my Trash Bin, its no where to be found.


      My question is, is there a temp folder in this computer that may contain an auto saved version of the .fla file? I couldn't find any, due to Flash CC being erased. Please help!!