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    Broken LRCC 2015.4 integration and crashing

    jonathan+7007 Level 1


      Win7 64-bit Pro

      Ivy Bridge desktop with lots of RAM

      Catalog and previews on large SSD



      Lightroom crashes on exit

      Exit crash happens with and without saving the database

      "Problem module 'vulcan.dll'"

      Clicking taskbar icon starts LR with correct database, last changes apparently saved in database

      ...but the LR program shows its new-install tips, changes Prefs to "Use GPU" checkmark (even though I now make sure I look, and "uncheck" that box).

      Connection to External Editor is broken: A minute or so after CTRL-E I am presented with several errors saying the editing file cannot be made, that LR cannot open PS. Yes, the info in the external editor setup dialog is correct.


      I am hoping that I do not have to uninstall and re-install because then I have to rebuild elements of the workflow pieces. I also would have to back up all the plug-ins and presets. But research on the hints in the AppCrash window show that others have been unable, like ,e, to "uncheck" the GPU setting! A staffer in late 2015 told another user to disable the GPU in Device Manager, uncheck, quit, uninstall and re-install LR. In my case I will try to force CC to re-install.


      ...and I have a client photo editing deadline. Thanks, Adobe.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Uninstalling and reinstalling won't affect your presets or plug-ins so try that.


          Check in Help / System Into to see how much video memory you have available to LR.  Is LR somehow using your motherboard video instead of your video-card video driver? 

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            jonathan+7007 Level 1


            Thanks for a quick reply!

            I started Lightroom to check the answer to your question and was pleasantly surprised that for the first time I see that the "Use GPU" box s unchecked. Every time before this change did not survive the crashes. So that's good.


            My Ivy Bridge desktop has 32Gig RAM and in the System info all of it is allocated to Lightroom, which is what I would want... it's the reason there so much in there! My GPU is a Radeon R9 200 which I believe is 2Gig VRAM. Yes there is an on-board graphics capability buy that is disabled at boot as a setting in my BIOS.


            In a CC-provisioned machine, I guess I still use Programs and Features to uninstall Lightroom and then CC will "notice" the lack of both Photoshop and Lightroom and download the programs again.


            But now that the GPU box is unchecked the CTRL-E external edit request is honored! Yea!


            I will keep an eye out for that box becoming "checked" by ghostly hand in the future.



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              jonathan+7007 Level 1

              Spoke too soon. Still crashes as it tries to exit whether asked to back up the database or not.