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    Why is the position in my layer different from its position on the main timeline?


      I'm trying to animate a crude version of cellular reproduction in Animate CC. First of all, if anyone has a better idea of how to do this, please feel free to share because I am struggling. But here is my plan so far.


      I've created a symbol called Cell. Using several different layers, I was able to animate a circle that appears to split apart and become two circles (Cells.) Then I copied this symbol and made it a different symbol called Cell2. Cell2 is supposed to be exactly like Cell except that it begins splitting later in the timeline, and Cell2's starting position is the end position of one of the circles from Cell.


      The problem I'm having is that I would like to use the Position tool to get Cell2 to start in the EXACT position Cell1 ends. So I click on one of the end circles in Cell1, and the Position tool says the Coordinates are (-3, -23). Well first of all that doesn't make sense because the circle is in the middle of the scene. When I place Cell2 at (-3, -23), Cell2 is completely off the frame. Where are those coordinates coming from?

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          When you make a symbol from a circle you can choose where its center is. For what you're describing it sounds like it would be best if the middle of the circle was the center, instead of setting the top left corner as the center. Double click into one of the cells, select all, and use the Align panel to set the shape to be at 0,0. You do that by clicking the align to stage box, and then click on the center x and center y buttons.


          Now you should have a circle that animates in a way where at the end of the animation you could set another version of it to start in the same place.


          If that all doesn't make sense, can you post a copy of your FLA somewhere, so that we can give you advice based on what you have so far?

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