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    Import from USB 3.0 card reader SLOW... but normal from internal drive

    Alessandro G

      Creative Cloud member (latest Lightroom versions)


      I am using Sandisk Extremem Pro Cards with the Sandisk USB 3.0 reader.  Importing to networked drive.  Been doing this since I've started using Lightroom over a year ago and no problems... but lately...


      Import is VERY slow.  BUT...


      When I drag and drop folder from CF card to Desktop I'm getting super fast (as expected) speeds.  Then, I can import from the desktop to Lightroom (target is still networked drive) and imports are NORMAL (fast as they should be).


      Not sure what's happening but I can no longer import directly from CF card to target drive as quickly as I used to.  But importing form desktop to target drive is fine.  And to reiterate, importing from CF card to desktop works properly as well.