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    A new Tool ?


      1. Spent hours with Flash only to have my content strong-armed by Steve Job's ego.


      2. Spent hours with Adobe Edge Animate and it works great , but now it's being put back burner with Flash CC turning into Animate CC -- not looking forward to going back.

      3. Tried the new Adobe Animate to at least convert my old Flash files to HTML5 canvas,  and it doesn't work.

      4. Spent hours with Adobe Aftereffects which lets me integrate 3D models to author interactive 3D annimations -- Awesome ...

      5. Excited, I tried to import MP4 AfterEffects and Adobe Premier files into Google Web Designer to get them intelligently authored for interactive HTML5 content.  No luck, the files loaded, but would not play.

      6. So I thought I would try to import 3D geometry directly into Google Web Designer since it seemed to have some 3D manipulation features,  No luck with OBJ, DAE, or even Sketchup models.

      7. I am trying to animate and add button /slider processes and expressions to educational models like http://microflow.com/aquaponics
      (done with Adobe Edge Animate with the next step to be adding buttons and sliders using JQUERY includes)


      I am getting the feeling it might be time to look elsewhere than Adobe which I have been with since its begiining -- but I haven't quite let go yet.

      Any suggestions or people experiencing similar stress ...?

      3D interactive manipulation authoring  anyone??  Do we have to wait for Microsoft Halo stuff?

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          Daniel Kramer User Group Manager

          Would like to see the Edge Animate timeline as an option in Adobe Animate CC in a future version




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            jomo5280 Level 1

            I am in the same, exact, boat as you! Frustrating!!!!

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              microflow Level 1

              FYI, Adobe seems to still support Edge Animate.

              Also, IMPORTANT - I recently bought a new computer and was thankful to be able to download the full Edge Animate into my CC collection with full permissions  by going to the "previous versions" in the Adobe Creative Cloud Installer.  I was glad to see it is still around, just buried a bit.


              Hopefully Adobe will see the light soon that Edge Animate is out front in capability and they are about to lose position to products like Google Web Designer (which you may want to look at).  It is BETA, but climbing in capability fast.


              Only an entrenched legacy mindset could ever believe that reverting to Flash is beneficial.  Maybe they could make Flash GUI/ActionScript an OPTION in Animate CC, and implement Edge/JavaScript as the default GUI.


              Adobe marketing might suddenly SEE this ...


              Hope this helps ...

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                So I've built 4 or 5 learning activities in edge animate.  really liked the way it helped me with javascript.  Now when I'm searching for it's replacement, all sites direct me to animate cc.  it looks like flash, where's my pins?  what happens to my old projects? I'm so angry, I'm going to fully convert to open source.  Thanks for wasting my time Adobe, you couldn't have incorporated the program with the same name into the new release?????

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                  Jeff@MacEwan Level 1

                  and another thing, we just tried to open an .an file win the new animate cc and it won't let you.  why should I invest time in adobe if you dump software from the cloud?

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                    jomo5280 Level 1

                    I too have built a ton around Edge Animate - Multiple Learning tools for K-12 levels. All quickly and efficiently designed and deployed using Edge Animate - both for desktop and mobile. No other tool offers the speed to do so (I was an old school flash designer for years and loved using it before it went south years ago). I have been using a Legacy 2014 version of Edge Animate (due to the new versions buggyness) for maintenance and for creating new projects. I pray that they will listen to us - and give us tools to help transition to Animate (Flash-enstein) and not leave us hangin' with all of our files and years of work. I fear the new Animate is an entirely new beast. What a "branding" debacle -  renaming an old tool to something that has been established, and then ditching the established Edge Platform - super confusing for EVERYBODY!!!!

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                      Herbert2001 Level 4

                      If you want true 3d interactive authoring for the web, a couple of (non-Adobe) options already exist:


                      - Blend4Web - Unleashing the Power of 3D Internet

                      Completely free, and Blender becomes a 3d web authoring environment. Create your scene(s) in Blender, and export. Works in all major browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox), except Opera.


                      - http://www.ambiera.com/coppercube/index.html

                      Coppercube: editor for creating 3d games, apps, and 3d websites without programming.


                      - Unity has a webgl exporter now.

                      - Unreal engine offers webgl export now (still rough around the edges).


                      I like working with Blend4Web. Quite powerful, and proven in the real-world applications: for example, NASA developed their Curiosity Rover 3d web application with the Blend4Web. Experience Curiosity


                      microflow wrote:

                      3D interactive manipulation authoring  anyone??  Do we have to wait for Microsoft Halo stuff?