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    Creating 3D objects like a grid discussion

    VincentEB Level 1



      So this is more of a discussion on how to optimize my workflow slash working with 3D generated objects in After Effects. What I have setup in my project is a composition with a few assets: some precomps, some graphics, and a 3D generated grid that I wanted to be included in there.


      My problem here is playback. If I am not mistaken, After Effects is trying to account for this object while playing back everything else, slowing everything down. Not in the sense of the computer slowing down but for me I can't get a real sense of what my motion graphic will look like in real time.


      What would be an optimal solution?


      Should I render the grid out into its own video file and drop it back in and position it to my liking? Or would a pre-comp work?


      Thanks for any help. I'll probably try the above and see what happens.