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    Force Background Color

      I've inherited a help system that uses a single CSS (RoboHelp 7). Some of the topics have a custom yellowish background; others do not. Is there a way to select all files in the Topic List and force them to have a white background? I've tried changing the style sheet (using the Format | Styles command), but that doesn't work. I can, of course, use the Borders and Shading control to change each individual topic. That's going to kill me, though! Isn't there a global setting?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi there Semicolon1

          This would seem to imply you have a bunch of topics that use embedded styling. It's best to try and remember that CSS has a hierarchy. The linked CSS file should be used to control as much of your formatting as possible.

          Each topic may have coding that will override the externally referenced CSS file. If this is the case there is unfortunately no choice but to hand edit the offending topic(s) to remove the formatting. So if your CSS file specifies a background color of yellow but specific topics always display baby blue, the topics with baby blue probably have embedded code that overrides the CSS file. You will need to edit each of these topics individually. Sorry, but there is no way other than to use a global find and replace tool to change these topics.

          Hopefully this helps... Rick
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            You will find a post on my blog called Styles over Substance that should help you get rid of the embedded styles. There is also information there about some find and replace tools.