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    Synk problem


      I accidentally created some new collections with the sync to mobile ticked. Now I cannot turn it off. I click the sync icon to the left of the collection name and the dialogue box asks if I want to stop syncing to which I answer yes. But it doesn't. The icon is still there and it is still trying to sync. Looks like a bug. Anyone else had this or am I misunderstanding how sync works?

      I can only can pause the syncing by choosing pause next to Lightroom Mobile sync under the Identity Plate dropdown menu. When I start runnin synk mode in the the Identity Plate dropdown menu it starts synking ta album that I dont wont to synk with over 100 000 pictures.....

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi mithiasl,


          You can delete all the synced data to Lightroom Cloud, once its removed then you can only sync those collections which you really want to.


          Open Lightroom >> Go to Lightroom Preferences >> Lightroom Mobile >> Delete all Data.

          Removing sync data from the Lightroom cloud will not effect any thing to Lightroom data you have on your system, all the collections & images stay as it is.

          Lightroom Mobile data.PNG

          Let us know if that helps.