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    Axaio Made To Tag

    Damian@Pru Level 1

      Has anyone been using Axaio's Made to Tag for accessible PDF workflows? I am evaluating the software now.



      Fixes InDesign's bugs in anchored objects tags

      Awesome table editor for complex tables

      Aggregates figures with associated alt text



      Finding it a bit buggy

      PDF export only through their proprietary export engine (i.e., you lose the PDF export control from InDesign

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          olafdruemmer Level 3

          Olaf speaking here, I am the managing director at axaio software...:


          • whenever finding a bug in MadeToTag, please send us a note at support@axaio.com; such bug reports are very important for us so we can find out where MadeToTag users are not getting best possibke results yet
          • the PDF export isn't that proprietary, but rather (under the hood) uses the "Interactive PDF export", and then indeed applies som extesnive post-processing of the PDF exported by InDesign, in order to achieve the various effects you can't get with just using InDesign. Are there any specific settings/features you are missing in this approach?