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    Problem since updating Flash Player to version


      Today my Macbook Pro (operating OS X El Capitan, version 10.11.3) automatically updated my Adobe Flash Player to version 20,0.0.306.  Since then I have been unable to access the website of the ANZ Bank or its related ANZ etrade internet stockbroking facility.  The message I get is that the computer cannot make a secure connection with the bank.


      This problem does not happen with my other Mac or with my iPad.  It applies only on this computer.  It applies regardless of which user and regardless of which internet browser I use (Google Chrome or Safari).  The problem does not occur if I open the computer in Safe Mode.


      I urgently need to fix this problem.

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          I'm on MacOS 10.11.3, and I have no problem connecting to ANZ bank.  I don't see any Flash in play on the homepage or the login screen. 

          What I *do* see is that the browser is restricting a bunch of stuff from loading because the page itself is encrypted, but it's requesting a bunch of other unencrypted assets.  This is known as mixed-mode content loading, and has been slowly phased out of modern browsers for good reasons.


          I'm not sure why booting into Safe Mode would change this.  I'm wondering if something else is in play.  Do you have third-party security software or something else that might intercept browser communications that loads at startup?  The only think I can think that you might be accomplishing by booting into Safe Mode is preventing your startup applications from launching.

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            graham487 Level 1

            Thanks for this.  The problem is solve.  There was a security software

            program that was causing the problem.  When it was uninstalled the problem

            went away.


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