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    Print module help needed


      I have a small business and am trying to streamline my workflow


      I take a number of images each day and each shoot has its own template with a small picture window in it. Up until recently i would simply action the images using photoshop, but i was hoping that lightroom might be able to streamline this for me. I know that I could simple drag and drop the template and the corresponding image onto a print template, but that involves manually having to drag & drop each image, what i was hoping for was a way that can be fully automated, i.e select a folder of images, and tell put the same template on each one and export to a directory ready for printing.


      My second problem is that I also do a "Photo booth" style template which has 4 different images on it. i may shoot several hundred images in a night, and i dont want to have to drag and drop each group of 4 and manually export each print. Is there a way that i can get lightroom to take a folder of images, put 4 onto a page, create a new page, rinse and repeat so that i can export them all at once?


      Finally what is the correct way to create a new page in the print module, with a template. what i mean is that when i have put 4 images on a template, i want to add a second page with the same template on it, but everything i try, just erases the page ive already made and starts a new template.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional


          If you select multiple photos then use a single image template- you will have multiple pages to scroll with the arrow keys below the image. Or you can use ALL the photos in the filmstrip. These screen-clips show 50 prints!

          ScreenShot376.jpg ScreenShot377.jpg ScreenShot378.jpg

          Print to JPG, will 'export' ALL the 'Pages' ie. all the photos on the selected template. (50 in my case!)




          If you choose- [Single Image/Contact Sheet] and define 2 columns+ 2 rows- for four images on a page- then ALL your photos will automatically fill the pages in the order they appear in the filmstrip. The one necessity is to have only FOUR images of each subject to auto fill the pages so they fill correctly!

          This screen-clip is Page 5 of a total 13 pages! The page design will need modifying to suit you, but save as a template when it does.





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