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    Creating Characters ?

    Omarb92 Level 1

      So i am creating some animated explainer videos to market some products , and i am having a hard time creating the characters in the video , like if i look at another video , i can perhaps copy and animate the character in that video , but i am just having a hard time creating my own characters ? What do you guys do ? Look at real photos and try to recreate them as vectors orr what ? Any advice on how to improve this skill is appreciated

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That's probably something you should ask folks who are illustrators or maybe the people in the Character Animator forum.

          What kind of characters are you trying to animate?


          Just type Drawing Characters into Google and you will get TONS of cool resources. I'd recommend getting a good-looking book and follow along as they teach you how to draw characters. Eventually you will start to find your own style.

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            Omarb92 Level 1

            Hey there ! You are right i should have posted this in AI forum , but thanks for the advice !

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              Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

              I would be careful about copying characters from other places unless you're sure they are ok to use commercially.  There are lots of resources for free illustration although free for commercial use is more limited.  A really good site I use all the time is https://pixabay.com/ .  Everything on there is public domain so you can copy it or alter it or whatever you want.  Usually if f I need to animate I will usually take an image into PS or Illustrator and cut it up into layers so I can animate it in AE.