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    Acrobat Pro X Vs XI JavaScript


      I'm trying to use some scripts I got from a coworker to do batch keyword searches on a ton of PDF files. My coworker used the scripts in Acrobat Pro X while I use Acrobat Pro XI. When I get them set up and run them the scripts error out (this is happening on multiple scripts). From what my coworker says something changed between X and XI in regards to executing JavaScript. Does anyone know what these changes were and /or how I need to revise the scripts to execute properly in XI? Any information would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!

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          JavaScript changes subtly, constantly. You need to refer to the Acrobat JavaScript API for the correct release.

          But crucially learn to read error messages, don't just dismiss them as "error out". We can help you interpret them.

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            Are there any application folder level scripts involved.


            It is rare to have scripts that have run on a previous version fail on a newer version. The most common error is caused by a change in security for some methods and one would get a message about a security problem.


            It is possible to add a document level script that can issue a message if folder level function scripts are not present if a PDF is moved from one system with the scripts to another system that does not have the application folder level scripts.