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    Anchoring master pages to marker in text?




      So I format 300+ page books, and to put page numbers and toppers (book title on left facing page, chapter name on right facing page) on the pages, I create master pages, one master page set for every chapter of the book. However, as the page count and content expands and shifts throughout the editing and picture placement process, this means that every time anything changes, I have to go through and manually place the master page with the correct chapter name on the appropriate pages. What I'm wondering is whether it's possible to link or anchor a master page somehow to a marker placed in the text, so that when the text shifts, the master page will still be applied to the appropriate page containing that text. I would love to be able to designate a certain section of text to have that master page applied, no matter what page that section of text gets shifted to.


      Any help on this issue would be tremendously appreciated!