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    Which is the correct flow to follow a contract signing process with the API?

    BMV Level 1

      Good evening everyone,


      I'm trying to integrate this service (echoSign) into our registration process.

      This is how I've proceeded until now.


      1. From the web dashboard I've created a new Widget. This is what our business department will do too.
      2. That URL is being stored into our environment (at the moment into a global variable, later on in a database)
      3. Whenever a new user reach the 'Contract' page, I generate a custom URL using the API personalizeUrlWidget. That API will return a documentKey too that I'll store away in a table of "pending_registrations"
      4. The process go ahead through the embedded contract.


      In the backend a service will run and using a table pending_registrations documentKeys will pool the status of those documents.


      Now what I'm getting is not what I'm expecting.

      What I would like to have is a list of events so I could check if a document has been signed and update some other fields in the system.


      How can I achieve that? Clearly I'm doing something wrong but I can't find somewhere to read about the correct process to follow.