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    Mouseover event - need sound to stop

      Hey forum - if you reply please go easy on me as I'm in Flash deep enough just to panic.

      I've created an animation with image fade in and sound that plays when you hit CTRL-Enter. I exported as SWF and reimpoted into new FLASH document and applied this movie to the mousoever button event.

      The works except the sound doesn't. So I reimported the sound and added it separately to the mousover button block (you know when you put the button in edit mode).

      However when I export the movie and mouseover everything works, but when I move the mouse off the sound continues to play (not loop - it just finishes it's 9 second duration). When I move my mouse off, the visual part stops, but the sound does not. I want the sound to stop too.


      1) Why doesn't the sound work in my reimported SWF? Is that the problem?
      2) Or...is there a way to just make it stop in the new document when the mouse leaves?

      THANKS so much. If someone needs me to upload the FLA I'd be happy to.